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‘Bout Being a Bigger, Better, Bolder Birder in Beautiful Boulder

After reading about my fearlessly epic takeover of the Utah birding scene, I’ll bet hundreds of my faithful readers have been compelled to ask this very question but simply forgot to leave any blog comments: “Hey BBBBinB, what exactly is … Continue reading

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Video Study: Nightjar Vocalizations

If you’ve ever been outside, then you ought to know that birds sure make some kooky noises! (Or should that be cuckoo noises? 😉 ) Well, I finally made an instructional video for yinz to understand just what the heck kinds … Continue reading

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Q&A: Ask a Birder

I’ve asked all my fans to ask me any questions they have about birds or birding, so that I could answer them here to educate everybody! The results are below: How do birds fly? With their wings, dummy! Ah ha … Continue reading

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Oct. 29th, 2014: Allegheny Land Trust: Wingfield Pines & PENNDOT Wetlands

Well hey there fellow bird likers!!! My name’s Ryan and this is my first “blog,” not coincidentally about birds (Aves), because that’s what I like to blog about! I look at, listen to, identify, study, understand, admire, imitate, count, rescue, … Continue reading

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