I know what you’re thinking, but NO, I do NOT professionally study or photograph birds, and NO, I did NOT go to school for bird-studying or photography, and NO, I have NOT seen every kind of bird on earth… I just really like birds a whole lot! I don’t even use “top-of-the-line” equipment, just my trusty binoculars and sometimes my monocular, and not even a real camera, but merely a smartphone! (And I don’t even use bird identification apps all that much!) All this and I still get results that I’d gladly stack up against any of the other “expert” bird bloggers any day!

I grew up in the Birding Capital of Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh, or “The ‘Burgh” as everyone calls it. Then the eBird competition got a little too crowded there, so I moved to a faraway land where there isn’t another birder for miles, or even any Carolina Wrens: Boulder, Utah! Now there aren’t so many snobby city-slickin’ know-it-alls questioning the educated judgement of my birding reports!

I have been able to tell apart the different kinds of birds for quite some time now, and I have extensively looked through the Sibley Guide to Birds (the complete and field guide editions.)


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  1. John Flannigan says:

    Googled your name wondering why you haven’t submitted list in Allegheny county recently. Discovered your blog and now know what you have been up to. LOL at your meanderings and blog entries.. You were kind enough to allow my girlfriend and I to view a screech owl thru your scope at Independence Marsh a while back. Good luck and congrats! Cant stop laughing especially at your lack of birder expertise refutation.


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