People always ask me, “Hey look, it’s the Bearded ‘Burgher Birder Blogger in Boulder! Tell me, ‘5B,’ now that it’s the ‘spring migration’ for birds, what can I do to help?!” Thanks for the question! What a great question! I’ll answer it three times:

1) FEED the birds to help them survive the harsh springtime!

Here in Boulder we basically feed our pet chickens almost every day, so I thought I could help even more types of birds if I threw out regular birdseed with the chicken feed (food)! The results have been astounding!


Look at the incredible outdoor aviary I have! Besides all our different-colored chickens, we feed all the local House Sparrows, European Starlings, and Eurasian Collared-Doves to help them survive, too! I ought to charge admission to come see this!

2) SAVE birds’ lives by making your garbage “bird-safe!”

Now that the weather is heating back up, most of us like to cool off with a refreshing six-pack of Mountain Dew. Unfortunately, the empty six-pack rings can get caught around the necks of garbage-loving birds like seagulls and ducks. (Really gives a whole new meaning to the name “Ring-necked Duck,” LOL!) So it’s very important to cut up your rings into tiny little pieces before throwing them away, and then go around to your local dumpsters to look for any more that you need to cut up!


Every Monday and Friday you can find me at any one of Boulder’s sixteen dumpsters, doing my civic duty! All for the love of birds! And yes, since you’re probably wondering, that is indeed a cool bird tattoo peeking out from under my Peace Dove shirt! (Which leads me to the third and final way you can help birds:)

3) SHOW everyone how much you care about birds!

If you can’t carry your binoculars around everywhere (which all serious birders really should, because what if you see a bird?) then how else will people know your feelings about birds? Well, a nice start is to always wear T-shirts and baseball caps with birds on them, accompanied by tan swishy cargo pants to complete the essential “birder look.” But why stop there? Why not decorate every available space in your home with bird-related memorabilia?


The online collage maker would only let me use a maximum of 25 images, but these are just a few of the ways that I show all my visitors how much I truly care about birds.

So this spring, make sure you do your part to help birds! Just remember: 1) FEED, 2) SAVE, 3) SHOW!!! It’s easy!

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  1. Rob the Great One and Ellen Superior says:

    Your words are truly an inspiration! Thanks for the bird tips 5B’s.

    Liked by 1 person

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