As the title above says, I’ve got three huge exciting pieces of news, so let’s just get right to it, shall we?! Yeah!!!

1) O.K., the gig is up! I’ve been holding out for way too long, almost bursting with excitement to announce: I CAN FINALLY AFFORD A SMARTPHONE!!!!!! (I’m typing this on my old computer because it’s much easier to type on, otherwise of course I would have thrown a ton of emojies in there!) But yes yes, I know I’ve praised the superiority of my trusty old Verizon LG Cosmos 3, and yes yes, the bird photography I took with that phone was potentially award-winning, but I could no longer pass up the chance to be able to constantly check the Facebook page for this blog from anywhere in the world, even while out birding! But apart from the obvious perks of having Facebook in my freaking pocket, this smartphone came with a “Hi-Def” camera (on the front and the back!) that takes pictures of birds (and of course selfies!) that are even clearer and wider than ever before! Check it out!:


Just look at the exquisite details of this rock feature, exquisitely framing an American Kestrel, the smallest and therefore fastest of the falcons & hawks. Another amazing “Space Age” feature of my cool phone is it has a pen in it! I can use it to circle and thereby accentuate the birds in my photography (as demonstrated above) or perhaps even draw other birds in the frame! 😉


The “selfie-mode” on my new phone has allowed me to explore the art-form in ways I never imagined possible, because now I can actually see and prepare my selfies as I’m taking them! And the larger lens is much better suited for depicting more of this long tall birder body of mine, including the remarkable Peace Dove shirt I often wear, so I was able to fully portray the true meaning of peace with this image. Except I do dislike how the shirt’s peace symbol is made out of feathers, because plucking a bird to get those feathers doesn’t seem so peaceful to me. 😦

2) I got a couple of LIFERS! recently!!!!!! For those readers who aren’t professional birders like me and merely enjoy my writing and photography skills, allow me to explain what a “LIFER!” is: it is a bird you are seeing for the very first time in your entire life, not per say an individual bird in particular but more so, say, a species of bird in particular. Each LIFER! increases your life list, which means getting one is the most important moment in a birder’s life, because it makes you an even better birder!

First up was a bird I’ve been searching for ever since I learned what birds even were, but I had only searched for it at night, because they are nocturnal, and unfortunately it’s hard to see birds at night! But then I found one that must have been blind or something and didn’t realize that it was out in the daytime: a Long-eared Owl!

longeared owl

I had not considered how much harder it would be to use my extremely large smartphone to take a photograph through my binoculars, and so this was still the best shot I could get. I realized this was a Long-eared Owl instead of the nearly identical Great-horned Owl when I saw that those were in fact ears on its head, not horns!

Beyond the regular old LIFER!, the absolute finest moment in all of birding is when you get to add another bird to your life list without even going birding! Ha! Imagine that! But yes, sometimes generous scientists decide to give us birders a “freebie” by declaring that one species is actually two! Ha! Just outta nowhere, they decide “Hey, this should probably be two different birds” and boom that’s it: got yourself a free LIFER! while you were sleeping! Ha!


Obviously I had already seen plenty of Western Scrub-jays all around here, but suddenly they have become Woodhouse Scrub-jays, so here is the picture of my LIFER! visiting two of my eighteen feeders!!! These ones are now called Woodhouse Scrub-jays because they primarily nest in wood birdhouses.

3) My dog Huck died! But don’t worry, I got another dog!!!, and this one I named after a bird!!!!!! At first I wanted to go with a desert species in honor of my desert heritage, so I considered simply naming her “Phainopepla,” or better still “Pyrrhuloxia,” but it seems both of those birds are actually found in more extreme deserts farther south than this part of Utah (which explains why I could never find any!), so I changed directions! ‘To the mountains,’ I thought! Southern Utah is known for its mountains, and we’ve got a doozy here in Boulder: Boulder (Mountain.) Sometimes I’ll even drive up on that mountain for a little while, so I’ve obviously seen plenty of mountain birds up there! ‘Yeah, why not a mountain bird?’ I thought, as I let out a little hum. ‘Hum? Well how about a mountain humming-bird, in fact?’ So I named her Calliope after the mountain humming-bird: the Calliope Humming-bird! These in turn were named after the Greek Goddess who had the prettiest song, because they are the humming-birds with the prettiest songs! (So far Calliope the dog doesn’t seem to have such a pretty voice, but I only ever hear it when she’s growling and snarling and barking at birds, which I just find kind of cute and funny.)


Here’s my little darling Calliope, probably sniffing out some birds to chase around, lol. Sorry this isn’t the best quality photograph since my fingers are in the shot, but my phone is just so gigantic that it’s sometimes hard to hold.

Wow, I hope you’re all as excited as I am!!!!!! O.K., well for now I’m gonna get back on my phone to see if any of yinz guys commented on my Facebook or posted any cool Buzzfeed articles (which you can do here:, or just go to and then in the search bar type in the words “The Bearded ‘Burgher Birder Blogger in Boulder”) but I hope to have more higher quality posts like this in the near future!!!!!!

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