Q&A: Ask a Birder

I’ve asked all my fans to ask me any questions they have about birds or birding, so that I could answer them here to educate everybody! The results are below:

While no one specifically asked what a birder looks like, here is a staged selfie to demonstrate how we all appear, in case that was also something anyone was wondering. (Note: birding is typically done outdoors, but as I said this is only a staged demonstration.)

While no one specifically asked what a birder looks like, here is a staged selfie to demonstrate how we all appear, in case that was also something anyone was wondering. (Note: birding is typically done outdoors, but as I said this is only a staged reenactment.)

How do birds fly?

With their wings, dummy! Ah ha ha, I’m only teasing!!! They flap their wings until it lifts them up. Hence, this process is known as “lift.” Science is so interesting like that!

Why are all birds’ beaks yellow?

I’m afraid you’re mixing up real life with cartoons, which I often do, too. While most birds have yellow beaks, some of them actually don’t! As for why: since I just explained that the basis of your question was ill-informed, it doesn’t make much sense to still answer it, now does it?

Is the Ivory-billed Woodpecker really extinct?

Sadly, we’ll probably never know.

Is your favorite band The Eagles, Flock of Seagulls, or The Byrds? (LOL)

No way, my favorite band is John Mayer!

What do you think is the general public’s biggest misconception about birds?

I’ll tell you what, that game “Angry Birds” makes me such an “Angry Birder!” It’s nothing but lies! How that game ever became so popular is beyond me, because birds are never angry! They are the sweetest, gentlest, most magical animals on the planet! The makers of that game are a bunch of liars who don’t have a clue about ornithology!

Which bird song do you think sounds the prettiest?

As nice as the springtime dawn chorus in the eastern woodlands can be, I must say I’m absolutely transfixed every time I hear the amazing song of this electronic motion-sensing parrot I bought: 

Is it true that all birds are beautiful?

You bet!

Do you know the scientific name of the Ash-throated Flycatcher?

I’m a birder, so of course I do! The ash-throated flycatcher (Myiarchus cinerascens) is a passerine bird in the tyrant flycatcher family. It

What is your favorite food? (Oh, was this supposed to be a bird-related question?)

Well funny you should ask, because I like to step into birds’ shoes now and then (how adorable would that be if birds really wore shoes?!) so I usually eat a lot of sunflower seeds. But my favorite food is probably chicken fingers, yum!

Is there a funnier name for a bird than the “Titmouse?”

While it definitely is pretty funny that a bird was accidentally called a mouse, I’ve always thought “Great Blue Heron” was the funniest name, because they’re not really all that great.

Whatcha lookin’ at? [Asked in the field.]

Oh, there are just some nuthatches up there.

Where is your favorite birding “hot-spot” around the ‘Burgh?

Wherever the most birds are! So usually the trees!

How do migrating birds even know which way is North or South? Maps?

I’ve often wondered that myself! I’ll bet they just remember.

What’s the best bird you’ve ever seen?

Well that’s easy! That’d be the very first bird I ever saw, the one that brought me into this world to teach all of yinz about birds: the Stork! 😉

Think you can think of another thing for me to think about? Ask me below!

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4 Responses to Q&A: Ask a Birder

  1. iago80 says:

    V. Good. Why are birders obsessed with lists? Why don’t they just pretend they have seen rare birds to boost their lists? And, Who ranks higher on the geek-scale: birders or trainspotters?


    • Question #1: A big list is undeniable proof that a birder is one of the best ever!
      Question #2: No comment.
      Question #3: Well since birding is actually about ACHIEVING THINGS such as seeing more birds than anyone else, I think the answer to that question is pretty obvious!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. HDAWG says:

    Why do birders check the top 100 list so often? How do you imagine the rest of your competitors ex. Bill Brown? If you could bird anywhere in the world, where would you bird? Do you feed the hummingbirds?


    • Question #1: To see who’s winning!
      Question #2: Amateurs! Why, I doubt BB could tell a right wing from a left wing!
      Question #3: In this order, I would like to bird Australia, South America, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Europe.
      Question #4: I try but they never seem interested! Maybe I should get a different brand of birdseed.

      Liked by 1 person

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